Indiana native DJ Fate has always been obsessed with music and dance. She grew up around a piano and as a young child played violin and viola. Always a creative child, she used to pretend to have a radio show with her little brother, however it wasn't  until her first rave that she realized that sharing her love of music could actually be a career and a dream was born.  DJ Fate began her music career in Indianapolis IN April of 2000. By 2006, she held her first residency mixing house music at Therapy Nightclub and Lounge for “PLUSH” on Thursday nights with OnTrack (formerly SideTrack). Other residencies include Champagne Disco at Casba and Metro Nightclub on Massachusetts Ave in downtown Indianapolis. She has performed at many other bars and clubs in Indianapolis, including The Patron Saint, The Vogue, Talbott Street, Greg’s, Tini, and The Melody Inn. DJ Fate is no stranger to festivals. Most notably, on the main stage for Indy Pride in 2019 where she shared the stage with Lizzo.
    Production was always something that piqued DJ Fate’s interest and in 2017 she had her first release on Guerrilla Noise Records. Currently, she has releases on Plain-Face Music out of Chicago and unreleased tracks on Soundcloud. 
     In August of 2021 DJ Fate co-founded Gnomes On Parade Productions and started a residency for their new night called Duckpin Disco 3000! With the phrase "As long as it sounds like disco" at the forefront, she invites DJs from various local crews and genres to get their disco on. This whimsical night is dedicated to disco, duckpin bowling, local art,  unity, and gnomes has carved out a unique place in the Indianapolis music scene. Gnomes On Parade doesn't stop at disco, with plans to announce larger shows of various genres.
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